Nothing says British springtime like a daffodil

Our love affair with daffodils is a long one and it’s showing no signs of slowing down

Just as it seems the grey winter days are here to stay, Mother Nature calls time and – from seemingly nowhere – intrepid little snowdrops break through the chilled soil declaring that spring is here. But, if you’re after a fanfare to announce the new season you won’t have to wait long as festoons of golden trumpets will be adorning gardens, parks and roadsides; finding their way into vases and pitchers, and brightening up homes. “With pomp and ceremony the daffodil has arrived!” Continue reading “Nothing says British springtime like a daffodil”

A parish remembers its fallen WW1 soldiers

It’s never going to be easy comprehending some 900,000 obscenely young soldiers losing their lives, in atrocious conditions, a long way from home.  Not forgetting the two million injured in a war feted to end all wars.  On November 11 2018, however, world leaders, royals, the public will mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice and mourn their dead. But it’s different this year; it feels different.

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Wonder review – grab your popcorn, find a hand to hold, watch the film and share the love

On the face of it Wonder is certainly a feel-good, heart-warming film.

“there’s no such thing as ordinary”

The tale’s wrapped round the travails of a home-schooled 10 year-old boy, Auggie, whose face is disfigured, and his quest and that of his family for him to be mainstream, (read ‘ordinary’ for ‘mainstream’ – Auggie does).

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