Amber warning as big chill hits South West England and South Wales

Southern parts of the country will continue to experience some very disruptive weather this evening, tonight and tomorrow.

A low pressure system is pushing into cold air with rain turning very quickly into snow across South West England and into parts of South West Wales. The front is moving slowly causing heavy snow falls in a short space of time.

A Met Office amber warning is in place for South West England towards parts of South Wales. Here the snow is causing disruption and is quite deep, 5 -10 cms; even at lower levels. In south and east Wales it’s measuring 1-7cm on high ground.

Overnight the snow is moving northwards but is beginning to fragment and becoming  patchy towards the midlands.

The weather will remain pretty severe for the rest of today and into Friday. Already there has been some disruption across the south west with road closures and ice will cause further disruption in the morning.

Through the night sleet and snow across southern areas will continue to accumulate.

Wintry showers will push into eastern parts of the country and also across parts of northern Scotland. Where there is lying snow ice is going to be a significant risk by Friday morning, as there will be widespread temperatures below freezing.

Into tomorrow sleet and snow showers will peter out being replaced by rain in the South East. Further wintry showers for the north of Scotland and North East England will push into the midlands with a chance of snow on higher ground. Another cold day despite the winter sunshine.


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