7 tell-tale signs you’re turning into your mother

At some point every child/adolescent breaks for the border.

Finally the umbilical cord snaps or stretches beyond human recognition and the progeny cries freedom!  But most girlies don’t quite escape …

You know you’re turning into your mother when:

  1. Bridget Jones’s knickers cease to be funny.

BJ big knickers - listicle

Necessary coverage for any sporty girl, of any age … obviously the comfort factor is entirely coincidental!  Big but though … big knickers should always, always, be camouflaged between sheets on the washing line.  Stop doing that and you’re sliding down that slope!

  1. You declared you would always listen to Radio 1 and didn’t.

Ok, it made sense, when you had your own creature, to switch to Radio 2 … melodious, won’t wake the baby. But accidentally knocking the programming to Radio 3, in the car, and going with it … that’s a sign!

  1. You don’t reach for a bikini on the first sunny day of the year.

Karcher - mother

(Image credit E Smith)

Instead you reach for a Karcher.  Because the pleasure of blasting off winter grime from paving slabs (together with a cheeky little red) far exceeds stripping off and zapping  rays.

  1. Shoes

I’ve always loved shoes. Couldn’t careless that I nudge 6ft … bring on the heels!  Wore slightly more sensible heals as a young mum.  But at some point, and I don’t recall when, I started buying flats – flat boots, flat shoes, flat sandals … just like my mum!

  1. Eye brows

eyebrows - listicle

I’ve plucked them from age 12, on and off.  Easy job – hold skin taught, don’t breathe too hard on mirror – it steams up; pluck and try to get both brows the same shape! When it starts getting fuzzy you buy a magnifying mirror. Eventually you go out and get them done … just like your mum.

  1. Perspective


(Image credit E Smith)

It’s only recently I’ve recognised that I have more years behind me than in front.  My mum tells me ‘every day is a gift’; I tell that to my son and hear my mother’s voice as I do.

  1. May be I want to …

She’s a pretty clever lady – nearly worked at No. 10.  She doesn’t shock easily and loves us heaps. Perhaps it’s not such a bad thing turning into your mother – in moderation.

I’m thinking of having a tattoo.  Might shock my son – but it won’t shock my mum!

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